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Outreach Ministry

This ministry is busy reaching people outside of the church and developing relationships with them so that they may be led to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Worship Ministry

This ministry is responsible for organizing a celebrative and meaningful worship experience using music tailored for the Deaf.

Discipleship Ministry

This ministry involves discipling leaders within the Deaf church through Sunday School, Men's Fellowship, and Women's Connection.

Transportation Ministry

This ministry is vital to our church in that they are responsible for overseeing church vehicles and transporting those who do not have the means to drive to and from church.

Student Ministry

This ministry is responsible for educating and ministering to students in the Deaf Church.

Missions Ministry

This ministry acts as a liason between Deaf missionaries out in the world and the local Deaf church while organizing new opportunities for our Deaf congregation to spread His word to the lost wherever they may be in the world.

Fellowship Ministry

This ministry is responsible for planning and coordinating church-wide fellowship activities such as covered dish lunch on Sundays.